a sci-fi queer sex romp video by Edith Edit











Dominatrix Waitrix is inspired by my frustrations with the service industry and the power fuck between owners and managers, managers and servers, servers and customers. It is fueled by revenge fantasies from over ten years waiting tables, and the sexy, wet turn-on these fantasies inevitably lead my pervy little mind.

Combining narrative, sci-fi, sadomasochism, and musical elements is an ideal forum for questioning power dynamics in the service industry and among lovers. These relationships are complex – sometimes frustrating, sometimes hot. The musical numbers are the repetitive texts and movements of restaurant servers. The science fiction space station is a video patch bay, connecting satellite surveillance cameras in restaurant bathroom stalls. The narrative asks the ultimate question of, not, “will she be rescued?” or “will they fall in love?” but rather, “who will top whom?”

Dominatrix Waitrix emerges from a myriad of influences such as the sex positive political pleasure politics of queer artists and activists including ACT UP and Lesbian Avengers, the writings of Carol Queen, Pat Califia, Linda Williams, Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, and the Marquis de Sade, the burlesque social commentary of Jacques Tati and Charlie Chaplin, the strike-a-pose glam and history reconsidered in Isaac Julien’s films, and the campy drag aesthetics in pop culture artifacts such as The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Busby Berkeley film choreography.

Three decades after Laura Mulvey challenged the male gaze in her landmark essay “Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema,” I am delighted to be part of a new generation of women pornographers, gazing and being gazed-at, and feeding the starving masses with intelligent, pleasurable smut.