MARY BILLYOU (DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY) is a filmmaker based in New York. Her films ”Women’s Punk Artmaking Party”, “Horsegirl” (2000), and “The Invalids” (2003) have screened throughout the United States and abroad. She has worked as a Camera Assistant for Spike Lee, John Waters, National Geographic, and many others. She received her MFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and attended The Whitney Independent Study Program in 2003-4.

SARAH C. (ORIGINAL MUSIC) sings and plays bass for the indie rock trio, The Georges. She has played guitar and sung in several Chicago-based rock bands for over ten years and can sometimes be found spinning at local clubs as DJ Quick-E-Mart, or experimenting with her 60's-era bass synthesizer.

EDITH EDIT (WRITER/PRODUCER/DIRECTOR/EDITOR) aka Stacy Goldate, received her MFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2003 and is currently a video editor based in LA. She is the recipient of several awards and honors including the "30 Under 30" by the Windy City Times in 2001, a Chicago Artists Assistance Grant, a Wexner Center for the Arts Residency, and festival awards from the US Super 8 Film and Video Festival in Rutgers, The SAIC Queer Film Festival, and the Sinking Creek Film/Video Festival. Her videos Lucy Barks!, Annie Complex (co-directed with KJ Mohr), Auto Play, Undercover, Single Repressed Female, Da Kiekste, Wa (co-directed with Daniel Adams, Antonia Baehr, and Isabell Spengler),and Porn Shot (with Tongue N Cheeks collective) have been screened in festivals, universities, and alternative venues in the United States, Canada, and Europe. She is a founding member of Artist Emergency Response whose Video Petition Project against the illegal Israeli Occupation of Palestinian lands was exhibited at the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art (Jan-May, 2003).

VICKIE FEVER (CHOREOGRAPHER) Vicki Fever received a Bachelor of Arts in History from Northwestern University and an MFA from the School of the Art Institute. She is a performer, choreographer, and Artistic Director of LPP. The Chicago READER has called LPP “excruciatingly funny” and “showing plenty of theatrical savvy,” and has referred to Fever's independent work as “luscious dance with a modern sensibility and intelligence.” Her independent and collaborative work has been presented in universities and venues throughout the Midwest and Alaska, and she is the recipient of an Illinois Arts Council Fellowship for Choreography.

DANIELLE MALKOFF is knob, button, fader, chop chop musician living in Chicago. She has played in bands (ribbon effect), solo (exercise tiger), worked on sound tracks (lady luck) and many other sound projects (cabin), performances, and events.

JACOB ROSS is a musician and recording engineer. He currently plays in Low Skies, and previously played in Ribbon Effect. On occasion he collaborates with Danielle Malkoff (Cabin and Lady Luck). He’s worked primarily at the Experimental Sound Studio since 1995 on projects ranging from film/video to art installation to producing albums and most things in between.

JUSTIN LIEB (CAMERA, SOUND, PROPS) is a filmmaker and painter earning a BFA in film with an emphasis on production design and cinematography at Columbia College Chicago. She transfered from the University of Colorado at Boulder where she was fortunate to have studied with Phil Soloman and the late
Stan Brakhage. She has waited tables too long and doesn't sleep much and probably shouldn't drink so frequently, but she volunteers a lot and recycles. Her current project is an update of Euripides' “Medea” and Gods-willing will begin production this summer.

LIBERTE unLOCKED (SEX CUSTOMER) Liberte unLocked is a pansexual dyke anarchist activist and is
one of a three person collective that is working on opening a worker-owned radical bookstore, Unbound Books. She is incredibly excited about being involved with DominatrixWaitrix. This is her first role in a porn film though she can be seen in the photo shoot entitled Cross-Over on

EVE MINAX (SERVER CLIENT 1) is a Chicago based bdsm educator, performer, trainer, and queer activist with interests in hypnosis, homeopathy, and hegemony. She began exploring gender and power play issues on the playground in childhood when she led a group of young girls as superheroes. Her subsequent studies in literature and performance combined with international travel have transformed her natural propensities into serious bdsm explorations for more than ten years. Besides being a lecturer, panelist, and workshop leader, Minax also acts as ritualist. She has participated in Cleo Dubois’ piercing workshops and Cleo and Fakir’s "Spirit + Flesh" body-based shamanic seminars. Her current work involves teaching for the Cleo Dubois Academy of SM-Arts, training her bevy of submissives, and conspiring with generous souls.
Minax relished her time on the Dominatrix Waitrix project and is looking forward to collaborating on Edith Edit’s upcoming works. She also thanks all those beauties who have supported her throughout life’s intense contingencies.
For further queries see or

JENNIE MUTATION (CLIENT 4) autonosexual, polyamorous, pansexual, genderqueer, vegetarian, sex-positive, feminist, anarchist. hates labels. jennie has been involved in radical anarchist politics for over 15 years. s/he has published many zines including Harmful Matter and Worse Than Queer and supports all forms of alternative media and culture, including alternative pornography. s/he has appeared in several independent/DIY porn videos, such as Dale Bogucki's Spin The Bottle and the Tongue N' Cheeks release Porn Shot, as well as appearing several times on the former adult paysite (the prime porn site for hot femmes, studly butches, and lots of gender fuck).
 Jennie is currently a collective member of the autonomous zone (an anarchist infoshop and resource center in chicago) and is involved in a collective that plans on opening a worker-owned bookstore, resource center and community space called unbound books. s/he is also loosely involved in many decentralized grassroots activist groups such as Queer To the Left, Chicago Trans Action and Food Not Bombs.

SACHE (DOMINATRIX WAITRIX/DISPATCHER) Sache is a multi-media performance artist who explores and instigates spiritual and cognitive awakening in her work and play.  Her performance work emerged and evolved from a strong  interest in ritual performance, with an emphasis on the function of modern ritual in creating deep awareness which transcends social conditioning in search of truth.  A founding member of the Whatever Caravan, she experiences systems and hierarchies as arbitrary and fluctuating, and uses ritual and performance to inspire freedom, epiphany and an appreciation of the absurd  in participants.
Sache has performed at the Randolph Street Gallery, Straw Dog Theater, MCA, Soñatoriam, Walleye Gallery, Hothouse and the Old Town School of Folk Music (among others) with EE, Groove Ova, Naga Jolokia, She Laughs,
on video for The World Wide Federation of Witches and Wizards For a FreeWorld (wwfwwffw), and about town at private events and clubs from time to time. A witch, Radical Faerie, healer, technoshaman psychonaut, Sache
explores issues of power, magic, death, destruction, sexuality,  bliss and expanding consciousness in her work and play.  A fierce libertine, autodidact, and confirmed professional dilettante, trancemistress Sache drums,
spins fire,dresses up, erects love transformers in the desert, hypnotizes,massages,and uses aroma as hook and anchor.
Sache can be contacted at